Ukraine Reports New Use Of Suicide Drones

( National security blog reveals that in a report from European Pravda, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claimed that Russia has allegedly used 400 Iranian drones against Ukraine in recent weeks. He also blamed Israel for Iran’s support of Russia.

Zelenskyy also mentioned the newly formed partnership between Israel and Ukraine. He stated that Israeli intelligence could demonstrate that Russia used over 400 Iranian-made drones against Ukraine.

Reports show Zelenskyy stated Ukraine is only starting its relationship with Israel, which is a good step on Israel’s behalf. Zelenskyy expressed his gratitude and said he is counting on more significant assistance from them.

Israeli officials recently declined Ukraine’s request to send Iron Dome air defense systems and instead offered to help develop an early warning system that would notify citizens of impending missile and drone strikes. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz allegedly requested that Kyiv provide information about their demands for air defense alerts after Israel promised to construct the system last Wednesday.

Zelenskyy slammed Israel on Monday for not doing enough to support Ukraine. The president of Ukraine claimed that Iran was probably relying on Russia to assist with its nuclear program in exchange for missiles and drones, and he blamed Israel for Iran’s choice to provide Russia with drones.

On Wednesday, however, the Ukrainian president adopted a more appreciative stance and voiced his hope that Israel would continue to offer assistance in the future.

Gantz spoke to Oleksii Reznikov, the minister of defense for Ukraine, on Monday to reaffirm Israel’s support for the West and the Ukrainian people, but he declined to offer military assistance.

Given Israel’s reliance on Russia for military support in Syria and their long-standing political ties, the prospects of Israel advancing further remain remote.

It’s funny how your enemy can be your friend when oil and weapons are for sale.