UKs Nigel Farage Says Trump Victory Will Make World Safer Place

According to Farage, having Trump as president would make the globe a much safer place.

While British politician Nigel Farage has said that he will not be running for government office in his country’s next elections, he does want to campaign domestically and internationally.

His intentions to lend a hand to the American grassroots effort were laid out in a statement he released.

The question of whether or not to run in the general election on July 4th has been on Farage’s mind for quite some time. However, he said voters should have faith in Richard Tice and Lee Anderson, and he, as the honorary leader of Reform UK, is completely behind them. He’s unable to contribute more than what is necessary to the effort, but he said he intended to do what he could to assist.

According to Richard Tice, leader of the Reform UK Party, the left-wing Labour Party—which is expected to win the election on July 4th—and the seemingly right-wing Conservatives—who, despite their rhetoric, have led the country as crypto left-centrist globalists—are not that different on the fundamentals. He said that each voter may choose between two forms of socialism: the Tory Party and the Labour Party. Quality of life will decrease as a result of widespread migration, reduced salaries, and increased taxation. 

In an interview,  the question was asked of Farage as to whether he would be officially assisting the Trump campaign.

Farage said no. He said that he had received an invitation to join a major American grassroots conservative organization but didn’t think he would accept.

He said that the outcome of the next election is less important than the country’s preparedness for World War III.  The Taliban retook control of Kabul after Biden’s withdrawal. The invasion of Ukraine by Putin followed. Now, the Chinese are making threats about Taiwan.  

Farage said that Trump stated his belief in peace through strength. Regardless of your opinion of him, we should benefit from that.