(RepublicanInformer.com)- Anti-conservative bias is as prevalent as ever in American universities – even in staunchly Republican states.

According to a report from Campus Reform, a conservative media outlet and organization advocating fair and unbiased education, the University of Florida suspended three conservative student organizations for allegedly violating their COVID-19 policies.

In a letter seen by Campus Reform, the University of Florida Dean of Students, Heather White, told three conservative groups that they were “observed not complying with” the regulations on COVID-19 and were suspended indefinitely “pending resolution of the allegations.

The three conservative groups included the Network of Enlightened Women, Young Americans for freedom, and Turning Point USA.

“My office received information regarding an incident which is reported to have occurred on or around March 03, 2021,” a letter from White to the Turning Point USA group reads.

“According to the information received, your organization was allegedly involved in endangering the health, safety, and welfare of the University Community by violating University Policies related to Student Behavioral Expectations in Response to COVID-19,” the letter continues.

White said that the organization hosted an event that was “not registered” and attendees were observed “not complying with the Student Behavioral Expectations in Response to COVID-19.”

In other words – use a mask or you can’t be politically active on campus.

Abigail Streetman, a correspondent for Campus Reform, a University of Florida student, and the secretary of her university’s Turning Point USA chapter, said that they had held a “Conservative Coalition Cookout” event in collaboration with the two other conservative groups.

“After the event, we were alerted by the university that the clubs involved had been placed on indefinite suspension for not abiding by the physical distancing and mask protocol,” she said. “We also were given the reason that because we didn’t file the appropriate paperwork to meet on a public university field, that we broke the university’s Use of Space policy.”

Hessy Fernandez, a spokesman for the University of Florida, said that the investigation “is still in process” and that they could not provide any further comment on the issue.

Carter Mermer, the Turning Point USA Florida chapter president, has reportedly appealed the dean’s decision to the Vice President of Student Affairs. Mermer insists that the organization “explicitly said masks were required.”