Us President Joe Biden Calls Kamala Harris “First Lady”

( After over a year of repeatedly mistaking Kamala Harris for the President, Joe Biden last week demoted his Veep to the unofficial, ceremonial title of “First Lady.”

Now might be a good time to tattoo a White House organizational chart to the palm of old Joe’s hand so he could keep track of who’s who in the zoo.

Though, the chart can’t be too detailed since Kamala’s staff turns over more frequently than pancakes on an IHOP skillet.

Last week while delivering remarks from the White House marking “Equal Pay Day,” President Biden attempted to break the news that Kamala’s husband Doug Emhoff had tested positive for COVID.

But without that organization chart tattooed to the palm of his hand, that simple task proved to be too much for Joe.

Instead, the President announced that the “First Lady’s husband” had contracted COVID.

Of course, the First Lady’s husband is the guy doing the talking.

As he tried to continue with his remarks, his enabling caretaker Jill whispered a correction to her barely-there husband. After a moment’s confusion, Joe tried to correct his mistake by making another mistake.

He started his correction by saying “the Second Lady” before he realized that too was wrong.

Finally, he settled for calling the Second Gentleman, “the First Gentleman.”

In other words, he went back to once again mistaking Kamala Harris for the President.

Sure, the audience laughed and played along like Biden was in on the joke and not the butt of it. But what else did you expect a Biden-friendly audience to do?