Vehicle Explodes On US-Canada Border Bridge

The FBI is looking into a vehicle explosion that occurred at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing between the US and Canada on Wednesday. The vehicle was traveling from the US to Canada and was heading towards the border officer building.

The security camera filmed a car hydroplaning over a wet intersection and launching into the air after striking the median at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection area east of the leading vehicle checkpoint. The car flew a great distance, turned in the air, and smashed into a line of booths outside the camera’s view. All bridges in the area were closed, and all government buildings were evacuated.

The incident was initially being treated as a potential terrorist attack. The FBI’s Buffalo office has finished its investigation and found no explosive materials or terrorism connection. The matter has been transferred to the Niagara Falls Police Department for a traffic investigation.

The concerns caused worry on both sides of the border. President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were briefed on the situation, with Trudeau excusing himself from Question Period in the House of Commons to get more information.

According to New York Governor Kathy Hochul, there is no indication that the incident was a terrorist attack. She mentioned that a local individual was involved and that both individuals inside the car died. She stressed, after early speculation, that there is no evidence indicating that this was a terrorist activity.

The international border crossing points between Canada and Western New York were closed because of an incident. The incident caused injuries to a 27-year-old male who was transported to Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital.

The NYPD had increased security measures and was on high alert for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

The Peace Bridge, Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, and Whirlpool Bridge were closed to investigate the incident. Buffalo International Airport was closed for all international flights, both arrivals and departures.

The NFTA will be increasing security measures throughout the system due to the ongoing incident at the Rainbow Bridge. Cars arriving at Buffalo Airport will be subject to security checks, and travelers should expect additional screenings.

The Buffalo and Niagara Falls Airports are open and functioning. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is closely monitoring the situation in Buffalo and is following the guidance provided by emergency officials.