VIDEO: EXTREMIST BLM Protesters Shut Down NYC Bridge, Cause Traffic Chaos

( Extremist Black Lives Matter protesters caused traffic chaos in New York City on Saturday, blocking the George Washington Bridge that connects the city with New Jersey. Roughly 100 protesters came together to stop traffic, standing in the road, intimidating drivers, and causing a scene in the name of…well, all the usual stuff.

The New York Post reported how the protesters marched from The Bronx into Manhattan before getting onto the Cross Bronx Expressway. The gang of protesters them headed to the upper level of the George Washington Bridge at roughly 7:30 p.m. where they blocked traffic for around 20 minutes. The police then came along and began to disperse the crowd.

Gangs of BLM extremists might be able to get away with this more easily in smaller towns and cities, but in New York City, what’s left of the NYPD (thanks, Mayor de Blasio) worked efficiently to get traffic moving and move the protesters out of the way.

Footage shows protesters causing chaos on the bridge, dragging cones into the road, behaving aggressively, and shouting at passersby. While some described them as “peaceful” protesters, the visuals prove they were intimidating.

Black liberation flags were also seen waving among the crowd, though the crowd didn’t tell any local reporters or issue a press release describing what black Americans need to be liberated from.

Hank Newsome, the chair of Greater New York’s chapter of Black Lives Matter and the man who said on Fox News that he would “burn down” the American system if he doesn’t get what he wants, shared footage of the protest taking place on his Instagram account.


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Isn’t threatening violence and intimidation in order to achieve a political aim just flat-out terrorism? Isn’t that the literal definition of it?

Once the crowd left the bridge and crossed back into Manhattan, they then gathered outside of the Washington Heights 34th Precinct and protested for a while. New York Police Department officers wore riot gears to control them and prevent the violence escalating.