Video: Ukraine Wipes Out Expensive Russian Radar System

A video shows that Ukraine wiped out an expensive Russian radar system, according to Newsweek. Using advanced precision-guided artillery shells, the Russian counter-battery radar system was see blown to smithereens, prompting excitement from Ukraine supporters. 

“The Ukrainians are AWESOME,” one user wrote. 

Releasing video of its military successes is not uncommon for Ukraine, the outlet reports. Earlier this year, the Ukrainian military posted a video showing it destroy a reconnaissance system in the Donetsk region. 

Ukraine noted the importance of destroying the radar system, claiming that when it is functioning, it can detect artillery shells, rocket systems, and mortars. Responding to this footage, the British Defense Ministry revealed that both Ukraine and Russia are looking to take out the other’s radar systems, adding that there are only a few radar systems in operation. 

Russia has reportedly lost a minimum of six Zoopark-1M by the end of March, with a very limited number likely in Ukraine, according to the U.K. department. The department added that Russia is likely struggling to replenish the system because it requires technology that the West has sanctioned. 

The Excalibur shells used by Ukraine are reportedly resistant to jamming efforts because they use GPS guidance and an inertial navigation system. 

The news comes as the former president of Russia recommended that the country should expand its military targets, according to Newsmax.  

“(We) need to choose unconventional targets for our strikes. Not just storage facilities, energy hubs, and oil bases,” Dmitry Medvedev said. 

Both countries are retaliating against each other after each reported a terrorist attack. Russia is deliberating how to respond to a Ukrainian drone strike on the Crimean Bridge that left the parents of an injured 14-year-old girl dead. Ukraine said that the attack was in retaliation for Russia’s strikes on Odesa.