Watch Dog Group Wants Attorney General Probed For Possible Violation

( After Attorney General Merrick Garland released his October 4 memo directing the DOJ, FBI and local law enforcement to investigate parents protesting Critical Race Theory at school board meetings, it was reported that Garland’s family financially benefits from Critical Race Theory in public schools.

Garland’s son-in-law Alexander Tanner is the co-founder and president of Panorama Education – an analytical software and services company that sells data mining products that include “equity and inclusion surveys” to schools.

On Wednesday, America First Legal filed a FOIA request with the Justice Department asking for records regarding the October 4 memo in order to look into any ethical conflicts related to Garland’s family connection to CRT in schools.

Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller, the founder of America First Legal, told Fox News that it is “exceptionally urgent” that the DOJ disclose records regarding the Garland family’s financial interests in CRT and “any and all ethical conflicts that arise from that financial interest” – including sending the FBI after parents protesting against it.

Miller said that Garland’s son-in-law’s financial interest may render Garland’s “participation in measures” that promote or protect his son’s business “ethically problematic.”

On Thursday, Merrick Garland appeared before the House Judiciary Committee where he was asked about a number of issues – including the October 4 memo.

During the hearing, Congressman Mike Johnson (R-LA), questioned Garland about whether he had sought an ethics review from counsel within the Department of Justice before releasing the memo. Johnson hit him hard over his son-in-law’s business and the potential conflict of interest.

But Garland refused to answer, instead of repeating the same talking point (“This memorandum is aimed at violence and threats of violence”) over and over again. Finally, Johnson was able to get Garland to admit that he had not, and would not, because it was not required.

Also on Thursday, the Washington Free Beacon reported that it had obtained emails showing that the Biden White House collaborated with the National School Board Association before the NSBA sent the controversial letter that prompted Attorney General Garland’s October 4 memo.

In other words, the White House was fully aware of the letter before it was released, which begs the question, just how involved was the White House in prompting the action taken by Merrick Garland?

The whole stinks to high heaven.