Watch Drones Destroy A Russian Refinery

( Two Ukrainian kamikaze drones swooped in at a Russian oil refinery and produced a giant explosion. On June 22, the self-destructing unmanned vehicle struck the energy processing facility close to the Russian border. These loitering weapons fly overhead, occasionally circling, before swooping down and hitting a target. The attack took place at the Novoshakhtinsk refinery.

A video of the drone-caused enormous fireball was posted on Twitter. The facility, located five miles from the border, was also emitting thick, black smoke. The Russians put out the fire, and no injuries were reported. However, this can be considered an inventive tactical move by the Ukrainian military to conduct combat against supply infrastructure for the Russian military and civilian clients.

While the Russians evaluate the damage and repair it, the refinery will be shut down indefinitely. This was the biggest provider of oil products in southern Russia. Russian political authorities did not deny the attack; they chose to concede damage but claimed it wouldn’t disrupt supply. The refinery has a 7.5 million ton annual capacity for processing fossil fuel.

A Phoenix Ghost drone was most likely the unmanned weapon. The United States sent 122 of the weapons in May. The Switchblade drone that tucks into a backpack is comparable to the Phoenix Ghost. An Air Force office for emerging technologies in Dayton, Ohio, in collaboration with the drone manufacturer Aevex Aerospace, was able to modify the ghost for use in Ukraine.

According to a senior defense official, the Air Force quickly created the Phoenix Ghost for Ukrainian requirements. It’s an excellent illustration of real-time adaptation to customer needs.

The ghost is simple to use and designed for ground hits during an attack. In Poland and Germany, Ukrainians received system training. Other information regarding the Phoenix Ghost, such as its size and the explosive payload it transports, is classified.

After the recent drone attack on the refinery, Ukrainians will be more knowledgeable and confident. With the loitering munitions, they may now sneak into Russian airspace and conduct deep strikes. When the Ukrainians fire into Russian territory, the TB2 can also be utilized to identify targets and modify artillery fire.

Ukraine needs more loitering ammunition, which might be simpler to procure than heavy artillery. Until friendly forces are trained on modern artillery systems, Kyiv may see some success if the suicide drones prove effective on cross-border missions. If the Ukrainian military wants to keep the Russians at bay in the Donbas region, they will need to continue bringing the fight to the adversary with small, unmanned craft.