White House Confirms They’re Thinking About Closure Of Guantanamo Bay

(RepublicanInformer.com)- The Democrats have talked a lot about closing down Guantanamo Bay, but the Biden White House is yet to lay out any concrete plans for how it will be done. Nonetheless, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed in a Monday press briefing that the facility will eventually be closed under the Biden administration.

It follows the transfer of one detainee from the facility, which was opened by President George W. Bush to house terrorists in the wake of the 9/11 terror attack in New York City and Washington, D.C. The prison camp is located in Cuba.

Psaki said that 39 detainees remain in Guantanamo Bay, and that ten are currently eligible to be transferred. Psaki also confirmed that 17 detainees are eligible for a Periodic Review Board, and 10 are now involved military commissions process. A further two have been convicted of crimes.

But this isn’t as simple as just closing down the facility. No information was provided about where the remaining terrorists, which include five men who are charging with planning and assisting with the logistics of the 9/11 terror attacks, will go. Despite this, Psaki insisted that the prison will be closed and refused to clarify when or how.

President Barack Obama also promised to shut down Guantanamo Bay, but it simply never happened. It turns out that shutting down a facility designed to house some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world isn’t the most popular policy idea…

Robert Gates, former United States Secretary of Defense under the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, admitted back in 2007 that closing down the facility posed the challenge of finding a basis for holding prisoners who should not ever be released.

What is President Biden thinking?

Without Guantanamo Bay, and without a place where the most dangerous terrorists in the world can be held, where can the United States hold these people? And what should be done for the dangerous men already held there?

There are so many questions, and yet, so little information is being provided by the “most transparent” press secretary we’ve ever had!