White House Goes Silent Amid Kidnapping At Border

(RepublicanInformer.com)- If a Black family was kidnapped by Neo-Nazis, it would be all over the news and President Joe Biden would be using it as an example of how half of America is racist, right?

So why is it that the White House has been totally silent about the shocking story of a Texas family reportedly being kidnapped by a criminal cartel gang during a trip to Mexico?

Gunmen from one of Mexico’s most violent and dangerous drug cartels reportedly kidnapped three members of a Texas family as they were traveling through a border state in Mexico, heading back to the United States. The kidnapping is understood to have occurred in a region controlled by Cartel Del Noreste.

The report says that the kidnapping occurred on June 13. 39-year-old Gladys Cristinia Perez Sanchez was traveling with her 16-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter. The family was traveling back to Laredo, heading back from Sabinas Hidalgo, when they were accosted and kidnapped.

The kidnapping became obvious when relatives called authorities and said that their family members didn’t arrive back in the United States at the time they said they would, and that they couldn’t reach them on their cell phones.

Relatives shared information with Breitbart Texas, explaining that the family had visited Sabinas Hidalgo regularly once or twice a month to visit a relative who was sick. Another relative of the family explained how he know several people who were stopped by gunmen from the cartel on the highway connecting Nuevo Laredo and Nuevo Leon.

According to the conservative news outlet, there has been an increasing number of kidnappings occurring on the highway recently, with unsuspecting motorists being the primary targets. It remains unknown just how many people have been kidnapped at this point.

The White House has not discussed this issue or expressed concern about the presence of these gangs on the border. Vice President Kamala Harris announced on Wednesday that she will visit the border ahead of former President Donald Trump’s visit, and we may have to wait until her inevitable press conference to see if she has anything to say about criminal gangs abducting Americans…