White House Hire Once Said “We’ll Steal Your Soul”

(RepublicanInformer.com)- President Biden designated Dr. Demetre Daskalakis as the White House National Monkeypox Response Deputy Coordinator on August 2nd. He was formerly the New York City Health Department’s Division Director for HIV Prevention in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration.
Reports show that Daskalakis is well-known for his work on HIV and other illnesses impacting the LGBTQ+ community. He graduated from New York University Medical School and then completed a residency, fellowship, and master’s degree at Harvard Medical School.
Daskalakis told a far-left media outlet in 2014 that he learned his bedside manners from the East Village drag queens.
According to reports, Dr. Daskalakis’ social media presence indicates a fondness for pentagrams and other Satanic symbology.
Along with his partner Michael MacNeal, he founded Monster Cycle, a “goth” gym in New York. Monster Cycle’s social media accounts are littered with references to Satanism, the devil, flaming crosses, pentagrams, and other religious symbols, and the gym’s decor reflects the same.
Daskalakis has tattoos on his stomach depicting a dead creature’s body, a serpent, a head with three eyes, and what looks like a Saint-like figure or perhaps a picture of Jesus Christ.
Media reports show that a sequence of photographs from 2012 in Daskalakis’ and MacNeal’s social media posts appear to offer a Ouija board ritual, with an illuminated crucifix symbolizing Jesus Christ resting on a pentagram on the table. Another shot from the same night shows MacNeal utilizing the Ouija board with the crucifix with a producer friend, Bianca Grey. Another artwork from 2011 depicts Daskalakis mocking Christ in a reenactment of the Last Supper.
The disturbing visuals and associations don’t stop there. A Facebook post from 2014 stated, “We’ll steal your soul.”
There is more on the story here. As you would imagine, it describes Daskalakis and his friends’ other repulsive and deviant behavior.
Daskalakis’ White House employment should be no surprise as he fits right in with the Biden family.
Birds of a feather.