White House Slams RFK Jr. Over Controversial Comment

During Monday’s press briefing, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blasted Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over his recent controversial comments about the COVID virus, Fox News reported.

Last weekend after the New York Post reported that Kennedy suggested in a video meeting that COVID may have been a bioweapon designed to disproportionately attack “certain races.” 

According to the Post, Kennedy said governments, including the United States, have been developing biological weapons containing “ethnically targeted microbes” designed to attack specific racial groups.

Kennedy noted that the COVID virus “disproportionately” attacks black and white people while the Ashkenazi Jews and the Chinese are “most immune.” However, Kennedy conceded that it is not known whether this was done deliberately.

When asked by a reporter if the president believes that Kennedy’s “language,” “rhetoric,” or “sentiment” has a place in the Democrat Party “or “American public life at all,” Jean-Pierre reminded reporters that many Americans lost loved ones during the pandemic and declared that Kennedy’s claims were “false,” “vile,” and put Americans “in danger.”

Jean-Pierre described Kennedy’s comments as “racist,” “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” that are an “attack on our fellow citizens.”

She then quoted a statement from the American Jewish Committee condemning Kennedy for claiming that COVID “was genetically engineered to spare Jewish and Chinese people.”

The firestorm over the New York Post report prompted RFK Jr. to clarify his remarks.

In a Twitter thread on Sunday, Kennedy said the outlet was “mistaken,” arguing that he “accurately” pointed out that the US and other countries are working on “ethnically targeted bioweapons.”

In his thread, Kennedy linked to a study that he said found that the “furin cleave docking site” in the COVID virus “is most compatible” with whites and blacks and “least compatible” with Ashkenazi Jews, Finns, and “ethnic Chinese,” therefore, the virus “appears to disproportionately affect certain races.”

However, Kennedy made it clear that he wasn’t suggesting that the virus “was targeted to spare Jews,” and said he wasn’t implying that this “was deliberately engineered” nor does he believe that.