White House Threatens To Go After Russia In Reckless Move

(RepublicanInformer.com)- President Joe Biden is desperate to make it look as though he’s tough on Russia, and on July 6, a White House spokesperson said that the United States believes Russian authorities have a “responsibility” to crack down on cybercriminals performing ransomware and hacking attacks on foreign companies and governments. The spokesperson also said that Washington will “take action” if the Russian government doesn’t.

Somehow, we don’t think Biden’s threats are scaring Russian President Vladimir Putin all that much…

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during a briefing on July 6 that the president “made clear” to Putin when they met after the recent G7 summit that if the Russian government can’t or won’t take action against cybercriminals coming from its country, then the United States will “reserve the right” to take action instead.

Recently, a Russian ransomware gang known as Sodnokibi took credit for a recent attack on Kaseya, a software company from Florida. The hacking gang claimed that they have infected over one million computers and is demanding a payment of $70 million to release a decryption tool that will allow people to recover their data after the hacking attack.

Sodnokibi, which is also known as REvil, is the same group that was responsible for a ransomware attack on JBS Foods, the biggest meat processing company in the world, according to FBI officials.

If we are to believe anything that Psaki says, and we don’t really have much reason to, discussions between Russia and the United States over resolving the recent spate of hacking attacks are ongoing. A meeting of hacking and software experts from Russia and the United States are expected to meet next week, so if that goes ahead, we’ll report back on the results.