White House’s Misuse Of DOJ Suspected

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Last week, Jen Psaki, the president’s MSNBC-bound press secretary, issued a warning to Republican state legislators in Alabama who passed legislation prohibiting the administration of chemicals such as puberty blockers or surgeries such as castration and hysterectomy to prepubescent children. If Gov. Kay Ivey signs the bill, it will also make it illegal for schools to keep parents in the dark when their children are “counseled” on these problems by other professionals. The Department of Justice (DOJ), according to Psaki, has “placed on notice” these Republicans for potential breaches of the Constitution and federal law.
You may not be aware that the Department of Justice has the authority to put lawmakers “on notice.” It isn’t the case. It’s a DOJ swim lane that the White House dreamed up; it doesn’t exist.
The Justice Department was given its name for an exact purpose. It investigates and prosecutes those who break current federal laws to guarantee that the American people are treated fairly.
Last Thursday’s strange announcement regrettably maintains the Biden administration’s trend of misusing the Department of Justice during the past year. Equally troubling is Attorney General Merrick Garland’s lack of adequate retaliation. Instead, there has been a passive acceptance of politically motivated demands.
Nobody wants the Justice Department to be used to further one political party’s policy goals over the other. While the Department of Justice may support a president’s policy goals, such as focusing on violent crime or cybercrime, it must keep a healthy distance from the White House. Neither the president nor the attorney general has the legal power to do so.
The threat against Alabama Republicans is the latest in a long series of instances where the president or advisers have abused the Department of Justice. Last October, Biden used the Department of Justice to intimidate parents who opposed Democratic Party policy on school boards.
The FBI and the Department of Justice executed search warrants at the houses of two journalists suspected of possessing Vice President Joe Biden’s adult daughter’s diary. It would be a corrupt misuse of authority to conduct an invasive and threatening law enforcement search of a private residence to protect a US president from humiliation.
Even if the notebook had belonged to Ashley Smith rather than Ashley Biden, the NYPD, much alone the DOJ and FBI, would have looked into it. It seems like the president gave the Justice Department permission to act unlawfully to maintain his political position.
Biden must believe that the Department of Justice is his police force by now. The outrage over the company’s practices has been subdued, and the attorney general has remained silent. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the administration developed DOJ superpowers this week to intimidate politicians with opposing viewpoints.
The ludicrous threat against Alabama state legislators was issued by a presidential administration that has a history of abusing and fabricating authority.
It’s bad enough that we have a president who believes there are provisions in the Constitution or federal law that allows teachers, physicians, and other third-party adults to guide prepubescent children into life-altering medicines or operations without informing their parents. But the fact that we have a president who would utilize law enforcement to intimidate anyone who disagrees with his administration’s radical ideas is probably even more dangerous.
We need executives at the Justice Department to fight for true independence and oppose political power grabs. The Justice Department should not be a strong-arm enforcer for the president.