Wisconsin Election Has “Silver Lining” For The GOP

Janet Protasiewicz, a judge from Milwaukee, won a vacant seat on the state Supreme Court on Tuesday, shifting the court’s majority to the liberals’ favor ahead of significant verdicts on abortion.

However, after Republican Dan Knodl won a state Senate seat in Wisconsin on Tuesday, Republicans had a two-thirds majority in the chamber and began discussing the possibility of impeaching liberal authorities such as elected judges and district attorneys. 

Knodl said Protasiewicz is one of the people he would consider voting to remove from office. 

In 1853, Judge Levi Hubbell was the only person ever impeached by the state Assembly, but the Senate found him not guilty. It is unclear if Protasiewicz would be prevented from assuming her place on the state Supreme Court if she were impeached and convicted by the state Senate before the start of her term in August.

Wisconsin Republican state representative Janel Brandtjen stated that the state assembly must wait and watch how the newly elected judge performs in her post on the state Supreme Court before deciding whether or not to impeach her.

Just to the south of Wisconsin, Brandon Johnson, a leftist Cook County Commissioner, defeated Paul Vallas, the former Head of the Chicago Public Schools, in the mayoral contest in Chicago.

Three candidates backed by We The Parents Illinois and five backed by the Lincoln Way Area Freedom Coalition, both conservative organizations, gained seats on local school boards nearby Will County. 

The 1776 Project Political Action Committee, a national organization that looks to place school boards that are opposed to Critical Race Theory and will promote national pride and American patriotism, had six endorsed candidates elected to school boards on Tuesday, with five of them in counties that are neighbors to either Cook County or Will County. 

Chicago has seen very contentious school board meetings and races since the lockdowns and the uprising of gender and trans issues and Critical Race Theory on the schoolroom curriculums.