Witness Says Trump Showed Documents To Mar-A-Lago Guests

At his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, former President Donald Trump was seen by Stephanie Grisham displaying secret information to guests.

On Saturday, Grisham appeared on MSNBC’s Alex Witt Reports and was asked to react to Trump’s second charge for allegedly mishandling confidential data. Grisham served as the Trump administration’s press secretary and communications director.

Witt asked Grisham if Donald Trump might have shown secret materials to people in closed-door meetings.

Grisham answered quickly – Yes.

She said in the dining room terrace at Mar a Lago, she observed him presenting documents to guests. She concluded that he has no regard for sensitive information. Never has. 

Grisham said every time she hears the taped conversation, it enrages her. She said Trump makes it clear that while he should have declassified the documents, he didn’t. She considers that to be proof that he broke the law.

She notes that he says on the recording, “You know, this is off the record.”

Grisham says that she is confident that Donald Trump is aware of the confidentiality agreements reporters must abide by and is aware when discussing anything off-the-record. She believes he was trying to protect himself in that way. 

The former press secretary wanted to inform the public that might not realize how difficult it is to obtain classified authorization. She said her clearance was delayed due to a $13 child daycare fee that she was unaware she didn’t pay. 

They examine everything, she said.

Obtaining a security clearance is quite challenging. And she feels Trump put people at risk with his cavalier braggadocious behavior.

She said Trump may be putting people in danger. She had a high-security clearance and feels it is crucial to our nation’s security that these papers are only accessible to those having specific clearances.