“Woke” Term Is Quietly Being Changed

(RepublicanInformer.com)-Leftists are ditching the gender-neutral term “Latinx” for the supposedly more refined “Latine.”

In a 2017 Salon piece, Yessenia Funes hailed Latinx as a solution for “feminist and queer Spanish speakers” to promote diversity in “male-dominated Spanish.” Funes acknowledged that the term may not “roll off the tongue” for native speakers, but she said, “It is what it is.”

The publication and universities, and other media sources now prefer Latine. In a Salon article last week, Melissa Ochoa urged readers to “stop using ‘Latinx’ if you want to be inclusive.”

I assumed Latinx was progressive and inclusive in 2017, but I soon discovered it was flawed. Five years later, Latinx is not generally used in Spanish-speaking nations or by most Hispanic or Latino people in the U.S. In reality, Spanish-speaking campaigners already use a gender-inclusive word that works better.

Pew Research revealed two years ago that only 3% of Hispanics in the US identified as “Latinx,” while another poll from last year found only 2% liked the name. Most respondents chose “Hispanic,” “Latino,” or “Latina.” Meanwhile, other surveys show the GOP’s gaining popularity among Hispanic voters.

Ochoa highlighted that those who favor Latinx are “mostly English speakers with college degrees” and that Argentina and Spain have outlawed the phrase. Ochoa advised her readers to use Latine instead of one of the more standard identifiers, such as “mexicano” or “Los.”

She said Latine does more than Latinx. Similarly, it eliminates the gender binary in singular and plural forms. According to linguistic theory, language creates reality; therefore, cultures and communities can generate inclusive words.

Ochoa favors renaming “wife beating” to “intimate partner violence” to raise “social awareness.” Indeed, Marxists change the language to fit political purposes.

Matt Walsh discussed the shift from Latinx to Latine on “The Matt Walsh Show.” He said that conservatives have pointed out the phrase’s lack of compatibility with Latinx and the Spanish language for years, as seen by its low popularity.

She still proposes altering a language to suit an academic elite. She still promotes something no Latinos use or will use. So ‘Latine’ has the same difficulties as ‘Latinx.

Walsh said lefties are good at erasing past follies and creating new ones. They’ll double down while backing off.