Woman Dies After Stealing Cop Car

During a recent press conference in Marion County, Florida, Sheriff Billy Woods showed a body camera video showing a female suspect stealing a deputy’s car.

According to Woods, a woman called dispatchers, claiming that another woman was attempting to take her car keys.

Witnesses to the arrival of Deputy Chris Witte may be seen in the body camera footage. He motioned for a lady, whose identity would be revealed later as Kendra Dalyn Boone, to get in the SUV’s rear seat as he dropped the window.

As Witte shut the door and went to the rear, Boone climbed into the front seat of the SUV via the open passenger window.

When Witte realized what happened, he ran to the driver’s door and attempted to open the car. Boone sped away just as Witte tried to seize her after opening the door.

Boone raced the SUV with a deputy hot on her heels. According to the sheriff’s office, she did a U-turn near the weigh station near State Road 19.

Additional deputies placed ‘stop sticks’ as the car proceeded westward. Before the stop sticks were even in sight, Boone swung the car around and continued east on SR 40. Boone carelessly exceeded 100 mph in the vehicle.

Boone attempted to get by a semitractor-trailer by veering off the road and into the right shoulder. Boone regained control of the car just as she re-entered the highway, causing it to crash into a truck in the lane opposite hers.

Upon arrival, deputies discovered Boone and three others to be unconscious. Deputies claimed that Boone, a male, and a female from the pickup died at the scene. Florida Highway Patrol officers rescued another male from the truck and rushed him to an Ocala hospital, where he was listed in serious condition.

Criminal records show Boone was arrested for trespassing in February 2020. She was freed in 24 hours. Boone was arrested again in July 2020 for an Orange County probation violation for burglary. November 2020 court documents reveal she was discharged.

Her last arrest occurred in October 2021 for trespassing, escaping police, and endangering others.

State documents show Boone was freed in October 2023 after imprisonment in May 2022. Records show she had additional Volusia County grand theft, motor vehicle theft charges, and attempted robbery convictions.