Woman Faces Charges For Threats Against Trump Judge

A Texas woman has had criminal charges leveled against her after threatening a federal judge in Washington, DC. The judge was tasked with presiding over a Trump trial.

Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is overseeing one of the criminal cases against Trump, received a racially charged and threatening voicemail from Abigail Jo Shry in early August, prompting her arrest.

In addition to the threat against Chutkan, Shry allegedly threatened to kill Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, all Democrats in Washington, D.C., and all members of the LGBTQ community in a criminal complaint.

Shry is said to have warned the target:

-Be careful, bitch, because we’re going to kill you if Donald Trump doesn’t become president in 2024.

-You will be assaulted personally and publicly, and your family will be involved in all of it.

DHS officers visited Shry’s home in Alvin, Texas, three days after the messages were left, and she admitted to making the call in question.

Shry reportedly informed law enforcement that she had no plans to go to Houston (Lee’s home city) or Washington, D.C. The criminal complaint states that Shry told agents, idiotically, that they only had cause for concern if Lee were to show up in Alvin.

Threats to commit terrorism and serious violence led to Shry’s detention.

After it was determined that Shry “knowingly and willfully” breached a federal law, the complaint states that she was arrested and held. Any message that threatens to harm another person is illegal to transmit in interstate or international commerce under this legislation.

It was decided that Shry had “knowingly and willingly” broken this legislation; therefore, she will await trial. Hopefully, she will not threaten the judge during her court case.

Shry’s attorneys requested bail, but according to CBS News reporting on Tuesday, a detention hearing took place, and a federal judge in Texas ruled that Shry must remain in custody until the conclusion of her trial.