Woman Missing For 2 Years Finally Found

(Republicaninformer.com)- On Tuesday, a two years-long missing person’s case was handed over to the United States Marshals Service by the Michigan State Police, who immediately began investigating it. Within a matter of hours, they had packed their belongings and were on their way to a property near Port Huron.

According to Robert Watson, Deputy United States Marshal for the Eastern District of Michigan, who spoke with CBS News Detroit, the people in Port Huron would not allow them to enter the house to talk with them or speak with anyone else, which “threw up some flags.”

According to the United States Marshals, the individuals who refused to cooperate with law enforcement were friends or acquaintances of the girl’s family.

The authorities strongly suspect that the teen’s biological mother tracked her down after she ran away and started transferring her around from residence to residence.

Watson was one of the investigators who went to the house in Port Huron in search of the missing 14-year-old girl who was believed to have been abused and whose disappearance was reported by the St. Claire County Sheriff’s Office in September 2021.

Watson said the child “had wandered away from a foster home and maybe had been picked up by parents who did not have custody.”

Law enforcement entered the residence after obtaining a warrant.

The Marshals discovered the teenage girl who had been missing hiding in a closet.

“When I started my interview, one of my fellow members of the task force yelled out “contact,” which is a code word that tells us that the individual we’re searching for is being observed by other people. The young girl was concealing herself behind some clothes in a closet,” Watson stated

The terrified youngster was taken to the hospital by Child Protective Services so that she might be examined there.

No one has been charged with anything yet, and there seems to be no evidence of human trafficking.

The young woman and her biological father are back together again. Given the circumstances, her biological mother may be held accountable for parental abduction.