Woman’s Husband Drugged Her, Let Men Attack Her, Told Her Later

Documents from the prosecution show that Dominique P., the husband of a French woman named Françoise, reportedly allowed 83 men to rape her while unconscious. 

The 50-year-old woman sought divorce from her spouse after developing four venereal illnesses and experiencing gynecological issues. Dominique P. allegedly asked his wife’s rapists not to use condoms, according to prosecution records. 

Evidence allegedly demonstrates that a daughter was videoed while unconscious in her panties. Charges of abuse of other family members were also added as prosecutors are ready to bring the case involving his wife to trial next year.

The suspect allegedly often “played doctor” with the grandchildren and bought them toys for undressing. 

According to reports, Dominique P. secretly recorded his daughters-in-law using a covert camera and posted the footage online. He was finally apprehended in the case involving his wife in 2020 when he was discovered using a pen with a concealed camera to eavesdrop on women in changing rooms, which prompted police to investigate his home.

Dominique P. is also thought to have raped Sophie Narme, a 23-year-old estate agent found dismembered in a Paris apartment in December 1991. According to an autopsy, the young woman had been drugged, raped, strangled, then knifed in the chest. Eight years later, a second real estate agent claimed that she had been assaulted in Paris; the M.O. of the culprit in both incidents ‘bears a significant similarity’ to Dominique. 

Throughout the 1990s, Dominique P. worked in the real estate sector, and a police sketch compiled from eyewitness accounts was stated to “bear a strong resemblance” to the accused. Dominique P. was charged with Sophie Narme’s murder and E’s attempted rape when he appeared before a Nanterre court on September 7, 2022.

He allegedly continued to arrange sexual encounters on a dating website called Coco while living with his wife in the town of Mazan, close to Carpentras. For his wife to be raped while asleep, he placed Temesta pills into her evening meal and invited strangers from the internet forum into the couple’s bedroom.

Fifty-one men were detained in the first round of arrests after a list of 83 assailants was compiled.