Worldfamous Athlete Reportedly Being Held As “Prisoner”

( The story of Serbian tennis player and athlete Novak Djokovic has caused controversy all over the world after his Australian visa was canceled and his deportation planned by Australian authorities for refusing to confirm his COVID-19 vaccination status after landing in the country to compete.

Australian authorities say that Djokovic failed to provide evidence of a medical exemption, which would allow him to compete in the Australian Open which is due to take place later this month in Melbourne. The exemption can be granted on several grounds, and often includes people who are likely to have an extreme allergic reaction after taking the shot.

The family of the athlete as well as Serbian President Aleksander Vucichursday have come out in opposition to Australia’s treatment of the athlete, describing how he is being held as a political prisoner by the Australian state.

“What’s not fair is this political persecution, that everyone is taking part in, even the Australian prime minister,” the president said. He also said that he is afraid that the political mistreatment of Djokovic and others will continue.

Djokovic’s father also told reporters in Belgrade last week that the way the Australian government is treating him is part of a “political agenda.”

“Novak is the best player and the best athlete in the world, but several hundred million people from the West can’t stomach that,” he added.

As the Serbian athlete awaits a decision, he is being held in a quarantine hotel in Melbourne for at least three days. Djokovic’s mother also spoke to the press and describe how the quarantine facility was giving him “terrible” food and that the rooms were “riddled with bugs.”

A hearing will take place on Monday to determine Djokovic’s future and whether he will be able to play in the world-famous tennis tournament.

Given the extent to which the Australian government is apparently willing to go to demonize and punish those who don’t want to take the vaccine – including recent rules that say Australians who are unvaccinated should not even leave the house to go to work or exercise – it’s hard to imagine any conclusion to this scenario that doesn’t involve Djokovic being deported.