Writer Says Hillary Clinton Is Considering Running In 2024

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Rumors have been swirling for a while now, but it seems as though failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could be positioning herself for another run at the White House in 2024.

On Thursday, Clinton gave a speech at the New York Democratic Convention. That, in and of itself, is not unusual. She’s a former U.S. senator from the state, after all, and is a big draw in the Democratic Party.

What was unusual, though, is what Clinton chose as the topic of her conversation. Instead of focusing her talk on New York politics, Clinton instead chose to focus on politics at the national level.

Her speech included various jabs at conservative media, the Republican Party as a whole and former President Donald Trump, who she lost to in the 2016 presidential election.

There are many political pundits who believe speeches like this one are signals that Clinton is, at the very least, considering a run for president in two years.

Maureen Callahan, a columnist for The New York Post, recently wrote that she believed Clinton was “seriously mulling a run in 2024.” She wrote:

“There’s simply no other way to interpret her speech at Thursday’s New York state Democratic Party Convention.”

In that speech, Clinton hardly made any reference to or mention of Governor Kathy Hochul. She instead used her time speaking at a state event on national politics.

Her speech focused more on the political divisions currently present in American society, and the damage that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party could do to liberals in the upcoming midterm elections and beyond.

Clinton has taken time to publicly criticize the progressive wing of her party before, and that includes current President Joe Biden. Clinton said she believes that the policies and agendas of the progressives are actually hurting Democrats and are not the type of things that most Americans want.

She has said she believes progressives need to back down from their rhetoric, as it only appeals to their ultra-liberal base, which was already going to vote Democrat. At the same time, though, it alienates more moderate Democrats or independents who are considered ultra-important swing voters.

In her column, Callahan wrote how hypocritical Clinton was being during her speech, considering she has often been considered one of the most divisive figures in politics in the U.S.

She wrote that Clinton’s speech “should remind the Dems why Hillary lost not once but twice: She fails to inspire.”

But, Clinton doesn’t seem deterred by her detractors. She seems to be committed to running for president in 2024, even if Biden decides to run for re-election. That would be quite the undertaking, trying to unseat a sitting president in a primary election.

As Callahan wrote:

“Make no mistake: Hillary’s fighting for what she sees as her birthright, her fate, one she will not be denied. We’re all going to have to go through this again.”