WWE Star Has Cardiac Arrest At Only 28 Years Old

MMA fighter Cris Lencioni had a heart attack while preparing for his upcoming fight and was transported to the hospital. The Bellator star was preparing for his August 11 fight against James Gallagher. Earlier this month, he passed out during a training session.

The cardiac arrest occurred on June 8. Since then, he’s been under the watchful eye of medical professionals in the intensive care unit. 

Over $16,000 has been contributed to the GoFundMe set up for Cris Lencioni in less than 24 hours. GoFundMe’s target is $250,000.

During his time at Gracie Barra Portland, Fabiano Scherner served as Lencioni’s one and only coach.

Although Lencioni has only been fighting since 2015, he amassed an impressive eight victories in the amateur ranks before going pro.

At Cagesport 44, Lencioni defeated Wyatt Gonzalez in his professional MMA debut.

He won two in a row before joining Bellator MMA. Lencioni was raised in Fresno, California, though he was born in Davenport, Iowa.

Taekwondo has been a part of Lencioni’s life since he was a kid, and he picked up wrestling as a high school sport.

After finishing high school at Clovis High and CART, Lencioni went to Southern Oregon University, where he wrestled on a walk-on basis.

After finishing his degree in criminal justice in July 2018, Lencioni opened Sunshine Athletics, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym, in Canby, Oregon.

Lencioni has an impressive 11-3 record in Bellator.

Cris “Sunshine” Lencioni has won four consecutive bouts and seven of his past eight overall.

After making his Bellator debut in 2017, Lencioni posted a 4-2 record in the featherweight category for the organization.

His scheduled bout with James Gallagher for August 19 has been scrapped.

Chael Sonnen, a former UFC and Bellator fighter, discussed the incident on his YouTube channel, saying they were sparring and grappling when Cris lost consciousness. He was not now being punched, choked, or otherwise assaulted. He had hardly barely begun his workout when he passed out.