Yale Is Reportedly Spying On Students In Authoritarian Act, Students Say

(RepublicanInformer.com)- Since March 2020, Yale University has put in place a COVID reporting system that has transformed the student body into the university’s very own Stasi. And according to the Washington Free Beacon, the Stasi-like reporting system Yale has set up is making some students feel like the campus has turned into a surveillance state.

Yale’s COVID rules, initially put in place before vaccines were available, have been loosened or tightened based on fluctuating case counts and the emergence of new variants.

When the Delta variant hit, Yale banned “close contact greetings” at sporting events, like shaking hands, hugging, or high-fiving. With the emergence of Omicron, Yale ordered students to stay clear of local businesses and outdoor restaurants until at least February 7.

The Free Beacon interviewed several students who feel like the rules are overkill. However, opposition to the restrictions is not widespread, despite growing complaints about the toll the rules are taking on students’ mental health.

The primary reason for the lack of organized opposition is Yale’s student Stasi.

Yale’s anonymous COVID reporting system has made informants out of students, encouraging them to report on their peers for even the most mundane infractions. One student told the Free Beacon those who oppose the restrictions have become the “silenced majority,” afraid to speak out over fear of public shaming and “administrative consequences.”

Another student told the Free Beacon that it doesn’t bode well for the future of the country when a university like Yale, which generates so many future leaders, is normalizing “warrantless surveillance.”

And while many students at first accepted the idea of a temporary surveillance system out of fear of the spread of COVID are now realizing it has become a permanent system without the transparency and due process typical of Yale’s disciplinary apparatus.

The so-called Compact Review Committee, the group of university administrators who review reports and determine punishment, has the authority to quarantine students in their rooms while conducting its review. Students cannot appeal its decisions except if the committee imposes a “public health withdrawal” and gives students two days to leave.

Unsurprisingly, some Yale students have taken up the role of Stasi with enthusiasm, with some of them not only reporting on what they see students do on campus but also reporting what they see on social media.