Yet Another Billionaire Is Linked To Jeffrey Epstein

A report found that a pair of lawsuits claiming JPMorgan Chase aided Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking network might implicate millionaire lingerie magnate Les Wexner as a critical figure in the case.

Wexner, the founder of Victoria’s Secret and The Limited, helped Epstein launch his global trafficking sex operation, according to a lawsuit filed by Jane Doe 1.

To make matters worse, Wexner is being linked to Epstein accomplices like modeling agent Jean Luc Brunel, found hung in a French jail awaiting rape charges, recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell, serving 20 years in federal prison, and James Staley, the former JPMorgan executive accused of having knowledge yet ignoring the illegal activities.

After Epstein employed Wexner as his private money manager in the mid-1980s, he built a multimillion-dollar fortune.

Had Epstein and Wexner nothing more than a business relationship?  An alleged victim claims otherwise. 

According to a report, Epstein hired Maria Farmer, an aspiring artist, to work as an art collector in 1995. Instead, Farmer spent her time as the “bouncer” at Epstein’s Upper East Side apartment, gathering the names of everyone who visited. 

Farmer claimed that Epstein had arranged for her to participate in an art project at Leslie Wexner’s New Albany, Ohio, estate in 1996, where, according to Farmer, Epstein and Maxwell sexually harassed and assaulted her on Wexner’s property. She claimed Wexner’s security guards wouldn’t allow her and her two young brothers out of the compound, so their father drove from Kentucky to rescue them.

According to a report, in February, when a security guard reportedly blocked the delivery of a subpoena to Les Wexner at his house, a court in the US Virgin Islands decided to send the document to him instead. The subpoena relates to Wexner’s suspected connections to the late Jeffrey Epstein.  

The USVI said it attempted personal service on Wexner at his Ohio residence and his charity organization, where Epstein formerly served as a trustee, but was unsuccessful on each occasion. 

Since Epstein lived on a private island in the US Virgin Islands, the territory has charged the US bank with knowingly and illegally aiding the trafficking of people by not blocking monetary transactions with his victims and recruiters.