Young Man Who Beat Nursing Home Patients is Off The Hook

( The young man was had been charged with beating a Detroit nursing home resident in May 2020 has been declared mentally incompetent and the charges against him have been dropped.

Jaden Hayden, now 22, was recovering at Westwood Nursing Center in Detroit in 2020 when he filmed himself repeatedly punching his roommate, 75-year-old army veteran Norman Bledsoe.

He was charged with two counts of assault with intent to do great bodily harm, and also faced charges for stealing Bledsoe’s credit cards.

According to his father, Marty Hayden, Jaden had been in a Washington County group home when he told his father he was hearing voices and believed people were trying to kill him. In early May 2020, Jaden called 911 asking to be sent to the hospital. He was seen at the University of Michigan Hospital where he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Rather than send him back to the group home, Jaden was placed at Westwood Nursing Center to recover.

Marty Hayden believes Michigan health officials dropped the ball when they sent his schizophrenic son with a history of violence to a nursing home to recover from COVID.

Jaden Hayden’s attorney, Brian Berry, believes those involved in the decision to move Jaden to a nursing home should have known better. The group home knew Jaden was schizophrenic and “had to be treated differently.”

Berry said although the charges were dropped without prejudice, he didn’t believe the case will be prosecuted in the future, adding, “Jadon’s condition won’t change much.”

While Marty Hayden doesn’t believe his son should have ever been charged, he does hope that those involved in the decision to place his violent, schizophrenic son in the nursing home are brought to justice.

It does seem particularly odd that a 20-year-old schizophrenic with a violent history would be sent to a nursing home full of defenseless elderly people to recover from COVID-19. Then again, why did Governor Gretchen Whitmer allow COVID-positive patients to be placed in nursing homes at all?

Norman Bledsoe passed away at another nursing home two months after the attack. His death was not recognized as murder.

Bledsoe’s family is currently suing Westwood Nursing Center.

Jaden Hayden is now confined at a Kalamazoo psychiatric hospital.