Bill Gates Makes Outrageous Excuse For His Actions

( Reports show that although he traveled to Australia on a gas-guzzling private aircraft, Bill Gates said Australia had a significant role in the fight against climate change. 

Gates believes he is not a part of the issue with private planes contaminating the earth because of the time he puts into “offsetting” the carbon emissions caused by his flights. 

According to Greenpeace, Carbon offsetting amounts to permission to continue polluting and only diverts attention away from reducing emissions. It is a strategy wherein businesses and governments aim to reduce their carbon emissions while still meeting the objectives they have set for themselves. 

Reports show Gates flew to Australia on a private aircraft that cost multiple millions of dollars and was manufactured by Gulfstream. His plane consumes around over 500 gallons of jet fuel hourly. 

When he arrived, Gates immediately nagged about the perils of climate change both on an ABC television program and at the think tank Lowy Institute, which large corporations support. 

Critics are baffled about how the multi-billionaire can be virtuous about his climate change activities while using jets to travel. Gates’ climate philanthropy is in direct contrast to his habit for expensive travel on private jets.

In an interview, Amol Rajan of the BBC asked Bill Gates was asked how he responded to those individuals who labeled him hypocritical for using his private plane. 

Gates claimed he sponsored Climeworks to perform direct air capture for his family’s carbon footprints. 

According to the Climeworks website, “direct air capture” (DAC) is one of the most critical technical options in the battle against climate change. Since it solely uses renewable energy, energy from waste, or other waste heat as its source of energy, it can absorb CO2 straight from the air and thereby reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

They claim to combine DAC technology with CO2 storage and then securely transfer them to a deep underground location.