FBI Chief Says Mexico Must do More to Tackle Fentanyl, Gang Issues

As the nation America grappled in a serious non-violent cultural war, issues surrounding the LGBTQ community remain at the front and center of national politics. While transgender male athletes are increasingly being permitted to participate in biologically female sports competition and young children are being inundated with overtly sexualized gender dysphoric rhetoric in public schools, an agency in the federal government has also decided to participate in the discussion. On Tuesday, August 22nd, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency sent an email blast highlighting August as national “chest feeding” month.

Unsurprisingly, under the control of the Biden administration, federal agencies across the board have been infused with woke ideological messaging, being forced to pander to extreme progressives at the expense of efficiency and public service. While some individuals see the message as ordinary (as lactation services have been offered to government employees returning to work after pregnancy for many years), the term “chest feeding” was added this year, likely as an effort to virtue-signal LGBTQ activists. The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas (who has overall jurisdiction over the agency) has already come under fire for failing to acknowledge the catastrophic situation at the United States border. This is not the first attempt by a government agency to promote the term “chest feeding” or the notion that people other than biological females can lactate. Earlier in the summer in July, the CDC formally adopted and promoted induced lactation in transgender women.

As the Biden administration and Democratic leaders across the federal political spectrum (and at the state and local levels) continue to remain laser-focused on the promotion of toxic and radical ideologies, they turn a blind eye to the situation at the southern border. As millions of migrants are allowed in annually (and supported financially by taxpayers in many “blue states”), leftists do nothing. Recently, the Director of the FBI called on Mexico to assist in addressing the crisis.