Texas Man Killed in Cop Shootout While Livestreaming Incident

While he was livestreaming on Facebook, police shot and killed a Texas man who identified as a “sovereign citizen” who was not governed by US laws.

Patrick Hurst, 47, was apprehended by deputies from Harris County in Houston on Sunday for driving with an expired registration and a broken tailgate.

He informed the officers that he was a member of an extreme group that rejected the authority of governmental institutions and would, therefore, not comply with their commands.

Upon realizing that the officers discovered he had an active out-of-county felony warrant for dodging authorities, he promptly fled before being apprehended using spike strips.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez reported that Hurst opened fire on the pursuing cops. Hurst then hopped out of his vehicle and confronted and shot at them before being fatally shot by the deputies.

In addition to livestreaming the gunfight, Hurst was also on the phone with his sister, Angela Washington, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

His handgun is seen in the livestream footage as he exits the vehicle to engage the cops. Police officers fanned out to approach him at a gas station, as seen on surveillance footage.

According to her, she was attempting to intervene with her brother when the event occurred. Upon Washington’s arrival at the scene, her brother had already passed away.

A lady was hit during the firefight while she was shopping nearby. A private school bus was also struck. HCSO said that a ballistics analysis will ascertain whether the individual fired at the school bus and bystander was Hurst or a police officer.

Before his tragic confrontation with the police, his sister recalled telling him, “Don’t do it!”  It was not until the gunshots occurred that she realized her brother was armed.

She did acknowledge that he has struggled with mental health in recent years.

She also said he had no ill will toward law enforcement.

Despite the sheriff’s assertions, Washington disputes the man’s assertion that he was a sovereign citizen and had never brought up the subject with relatives.

Washington expressed her desire to recall more favorable memories of her brother.