Pennsylvania DA Says Woman Who Shot Home Intruder Won’t Face Charges

A district attorney in Pennsylvania has said that the Castle Doctrine precludes the prosecution of a woman who fatally shot an invader upon entering her house.

According to the police, early in the morning on April 17th, a woman living in Beaver Falls was woken up by a combination of a door breaking open and shattered glass in her basement.

In Beaver Falls, a 49-year-old man named Brent Farmer attempted to enter a residence in the 1000 block of 10th Ave. through the basement. When the woman saw the individual, she grabbed her 9mm pistol and headed below to investigate.

The homeowner killed Farmer with three shots after seeing him in the basement. According to the police, the homeowner did not know the man who broke into her house.

The woman revealed the little basement window the burglar used to access her house. She informed the authorities that she had no prior acquaintance with the man.

The media spoke with Nate Bible, the Beaver County District Attorney, to ask if the woman did the right thing regarding the home invader.

He said that from a legal perspective, she did not do anything unlawful. Anyone who walks through your door is doing it on purpose. You may expect them to take advantage of you or harm you in some other manner. To defend oneself, you are within your rights to use lethal force.

The The Bible also made it clear that the woman lawfully possessed the firearm. Police investigated the incident, and the woman was questioned and released.

Brent Alan Farmer, 49, was officially recognized as the suspected house invader by the police.

The local media asked Bible what homeowners can do if they don’t have a firearm.

He said to get a large dog or enroll in self-defense lessons. You can wield anything to use it as a weapon.

The shooting and break-in are under investigation by investigators from Beaver County and the Beaver Falls Police Department. Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, is northwest of Pittsburgh, and it is home to around 9,000 people.