RFK Jr. Says Rising Costs of Basic Needs is ‘Biden’s Real Problem’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent running for president, has said that President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign problems are primarily about the high cost of food and transportation.

Kennedy said the DNC is behaving as if he were President Biden’s greatest threat. His actual grievance is with the reality that this American generation will never be able to purchase a home, and that milk, bread, and gas prices have more than doubled. In a tweet, Kennedy claimed that his campaign was the only one advocating for preserving America as a private-owner society rather than a feudal corporate kleptocracy by addressing the affordability of living and the rebuilding of our industrial base.

The supermarket affordability problem has reached a tipping point, with 85% of New Yorkers reporting that food costs are outpacing their income.  The survey, issued on April 23rd by No Kid Hungry New York, also revealed that almost half of the participants face more difficulty affording food.

A large percentage of consumers have adjusted their purchasing behaviors due to rising prices. 51% searched for stores further away in pursuit of a better deal, and many searched for discounts and coupons.

After seeking the Democrat nomination for president, last year Kennedy changed his campaign to run as an independent.

The Kennedy family has a long history of political involvement with the Democrat Party. It began with the assassination of John F. Kennedy while he was president, continuing with the murder of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s father in California while he was running for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Biden’s prolific blunders and reluctance to debate in front of an audience or engage in unscripted encounters with voters are more problematic than his advanced age.

Kennedy recently joked in a tweet that even Biden’s prerecorded interviews are terrifying. He asked if anyone had confidence in President Biden’s capacity to take a call and decide on a situation involving national security.

If re-elected, Biden would become the oldest sitting president in United States history, reaching the age of 86 at the conclusion of his second term.