China’s President To Meet Putin In Moscow Amid Ukraine Invasion 

( China’s President Xi Jinping is planning to travel to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin sooner than anticipated, according to an exclusive report from Reuters on Monday. 

Late last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Chinese President Xi Jinping would be visiting Moscow after meeting with Xi’s chief diplomat Wang Yi in Moscow, Reuters reported. 

In his meeting with Wang, Putin said that the two countries had reached an agreement for President Xi to come to Russia, noting that “everything is progressing” as the two countries reach “new frontiers.” 

It was initially reported that President Xi’s anticipated visit would likely take place in April or May. But according to sources familiar with the matter, the anticipated visit could happen much sooner than originally expected, possibly as soon as next week, Reuters reported on Monday. 

The planned visit comes as China began offering to broker peace talks in the war in Ukraine, which has been met with skepticism from the West considering China’s support for Russia. 

When asked if President Xi’s visit was imminent, the Kremlin told Reuters that it would not discuss the matter. 

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters that any announcement about an official foreign visit must be coordinated “by mutual agreement” by both countries. Peskov said when that happens, the Kremlin “will let you know.” 

Just weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine, China and Russia signed a “no limits” partnership while President Putin was in Beijing for the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics. Since then, the two nations have conducted joint military exercises in the East China Sea, the Western Pacific, and the Sea of Japan. 

Since becoming President of China, Xi Jinping has met in person with President Putin 39 times, most recently during a September summit in central Asia. 

Xi closed the annual session of the National People’s Congress on Monday after he was unanimously elected for a third term.