Hur Transcript Exposes Critical Biden Lie

New transcripts of interviews between special counsel Robert Hur and President Joe Biden on Biden’s handling of secret papers reveal that Biden was untruthful throughout his testimony. The president’s portrayal of an interaction about his son Beau Biden’s death from brain cancer is likewise contradicted.

Biden knowingly kept secret records, according to Hur’s February assessment. Nevertheless, the investigation did not suggest criminal charges against Biden, partly because it claimed that Biden had a poor memory and would appear as a kind, elderly man before a jury. The research revealed, among other things, that Biden was unable to recall the exact year of his son Beau’s death. Accusing Hur of bringing up the subject of death, Biden said he was surprised by an inquiry about his son.

Biden stated in February that he was angered by Hur asking about his son Beau’s death.

A report shows Biden’s legal team criticized the Justice Department for portraying their client as a kind-hearted old man who struggles with memory loss.

Hours before Hur’s scheduled testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, the transcripts were made public.

The media’s possession of transcripts indicates that Biden mentioned Beau first. When asked about his departure as vice president, Biden’s mental disorientation became apparent.

When Biden wanted to know what month Beau passed away, he asked out loud if the date was May 30th. Two people chimed in with the year 2015, prompting Biden to wonder if it was 2015 that he had died. Only one person replied and affirmed it was May of 2015.

In another part of the transcripts, Biden joked that he hoped investigators had not uncovered any explicit photos of his wife in a bikini, adding that she was beautiful.

After telling journalists that he had no intention of keeping any classified papers, Biden blamed his staff for removing his possessions from the White House.

Biden said that he needed to relocate some boxes containing classified data so he could park his Corvette in the garage. He claimed the contents of the crates were a mystery to him. In other parts of the transcript, Biden also made engine noises when he spoke about his Corvette.