15 Doctors Lose Licenses Over Malpractice

According to the Oregon Medical Board, 15 physicians have had their licenses revoked, retired, or surrendered so far in 2023. The measures were adopted after investigations into claims that doctors engaged in sexual misconduct, had given unnecessary medicines, or had shown neglect toward pediatric patients.

According to a local media outlet, the board oversees the medical profession statewide. A group of medical, podiatric, and osteopathic doctors, PAs, and acupuncturists all have their credentials under doubt.

All malpractice allegations fall within the purview of the board, and if an inquiry is opened, the doctor’s license will be revoked. Until the inquiry is over, they are prohibited from practicing medicine or prescribing drugs.

If a doctor’s license is suspended during an investigation, they won’t be able to practice medicine as normal. A person found guilty of a violation may additionally be required to complete education or training programs associated with that infraction.

The following are a few of the most serious disciplinary proceedings taken against physicians in Marion and Lane counties between January and August this year.

In July, obstetrician and gynecologist Robert Harder of Salem voluntarily surrendered his Oregon medical license and pledged to never practice medicine again in the state. Sexual misconduct claims were made against Harder, a former physician at the Salem Clinic.

Internal medicine expert Christie Ann Horton voluntarily relinquished her Oregon medical license in July and concurred not to reapply for at least two years. Horton’s business is being examined because she did not inform the board of her first-degree misdemeanor conviction for animal abuse.

After claims of repeated acts of carelessness in the treatment of a minor patient and in the follow-up treatment of a patient after a complete knee replacement, Baker City orthopedic physician Eric Todd Sandefur withdrew from active practice in January. He can not reapply for his license. The judge also imposed a $10,000 fine.

A spokesperson for the board claimed they could not confirm if the penalties had been paid.

For anyone wishing to file a complaint, The Oregon Medical Board’s online complaint form may be found at Oregon.gov.