Sudanese Immigrant Arrested Again for Violating Visa-Mandated Curfew

A Sudanese national recently freed from migration detention is facing charges related to his alleged failure to comply with the curfew and maintenance of the monitoring device that was the condition of his visa.

After finding the 45-year-old in Melbourne on April 29th, the AFP detained and charged him. On the same day, he was granted bail after appearing in Melbourne Magistrates Court.

The ex-detainee was freed from immigration custody in November along with 154 other men, many of whom were considered a threat to the community after the High Court declared their prolonged incarceration to be illegal.

The individual is facing three counts of curfew noncompliance, which is in violation of section 76C.1 of the Migration Act. Additionally, he is charged with one count of failing to maintain the proper functioning of the holder’s monitoring device, which violates section 76D.3 of the same act.

The maximum punishment for these offenses is $93,900 in fines and a five-year term in jail.

He is scheduled to make his court appearance on May 22nd.

A horrific house invasion, including an attack on an elderly woman from Perth by another recently released immigrant inmate, has occurred within days.

Earlier in April, Ninette Simmons (73) was attacked and robbed. The assailant was one of three individuals apprehended in connection with that crime.

According to the Western Australian police, the three individuals allegedly attacked her husband, Philip (76),  tied his wrists behind his back, and then stole jewelry valued at $200,000.

The trio pretended to be police officers to get entrance to the residence.

The leader of the opposition party, Peter Dutton, has demanded an explanation from Home Affairs Minister Clare ONeil and Immigration Minister Andrew Giles about how the government was oblivious to the release of these dangerous criminals.

The man accused in the Perth assault had his ankle monitor requirement revoked, and Dutton said that Giles sidestepped questions about why he was freed on bail many times after allegedly violating his curfew terms.