Analysis Of Unknown Objects Suggest ‘Alien’ Origin

An astronomer has suggested that ‘extraterrestrial’ pieces found on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean originated from a planet outside our solar system.

The controversial Harvard physicist Professor Avi Loeb made headlines when he claimed that material alien to our solar system had been discovered on Earth for the first time. Planetary scientist Humberto Campins stated he agreed with Loeb’s statements.

The University of Central Florida astronomer praised the team’s efforts, saying, “My hat is off to these folks.”

The meteorite, he believes, originated from outside our solar system.

Professor Loeb’s finding has sparked a heated debate amongst scientists, with some supporting the study and others casting doubt on it.

The scientist asserts that the small metallic spheres include ‘never seen before’ components that do not correspond to known alloys.

He goes so far as to suggest the data indicates an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed into the ocean off the coast of Papua New Guinea in 2014.

However, Professor Campins thinks the elemental makeup of the material indicates that it was broken off of an extrasolar planet or a massive interstellar asteroid.

Loeb agrees that this is the most plausible explanation, but he doesn’t completely exclude the possibility that the spheres represent evidence of intelligent design.

Some of his contemporaries, however, had doubts.

University of Manchester professor Michael Garrett said he admires Avi’s enthusiasm in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, but he’d be surprised if this recent find will produce conclusive evidence that an extraterrestrial craft crashed on Earth.

Imperial College London’s Dr. Matthew Genge expressed “serious skepticism” about the purported finding.

Artificial and natural spherules from satellites, rockets, windblown industrial residue, and nuclear testing cover the ocean bottom. “You may discover all kinds of weird particles in the depths,” he said.

Because certain alloys, like those used in military weapons, are secret, I doubt that they have compared all of the tens of thousands available. Additionally, spherules are generated by melting and combining elements to create new, peculiar compositions.

Since Professor Loeb’s findings have not been published in their entirety, Dr. Genge did note that it was not feasible to “completely disregard” the results.

He said he “would be happy if this was all proof of aliens.”