Biden Claims He’s ‘Too Busy’ To Visit Palestine

In contemporary times, the United States remains embroiled in tumultuous times. Inflation remains at its highest levels in decades, foreign adversaries continue to take aggressive stances in international affairs, and a cultural battle for the identity of the nation rages in communities and academic environments across the nation. Things in America are dark, and it appears that the sitting president of the United States, Joe Biden, continues his trend of feckless, incompetent, and weak leadership in every scenario. In a latest statement, the president claims he is too busy to visit East Palestine, Ohio, the location of a catastrophic chemical train derailment which rendered the entire community uninhabitable.

After appearing in Live Oak, Florida following Hurricane Idalia, the category three hurricane which decimated parts of the gulf coast of the sunshine state, the president was asked by members of the media about his inability to visit the struggling Ohio town seven months since the accident occurred. Biden simply stated that he had a “lot going on”, and that he was hoping to visit East Palestine in the coming week but was reminded that he had other planned global commitments.

These are not the words of a strong, initiative-grabbing president boldly leading the western world. As president, Biden himself should be setting the agenda, and dictating where he should be travelling. It is unknown who is “reminding” the president of his responsibilities. Additionally, it is troubling that the leader of the United States should not want to put primary emphasis on the security and well-being of American citizens at home rather than travelling internationally. Regardless, it is unsurprising, given the fact that Biden has allowed millions of illegal migrants to enter the country through the southern border since taking office.

For all his claims of working, Biden has allegedly spent 40% of his term as president on vacation. The United States is a nation without leadership, and a ship without direction.