Dan Bongino Physically Removed From Restaurant, But He Says Someone Was Assaulted

During his podcast on Monday, conservative Dan Bongino blasted a Politico reporter for reporting last weekend that Bongino was “forcibly removed” from a Florida restaurant last Friday night, saying it wasn’t what happened, the Daily Caller reported.

In a Politico Playbook item on Sunday, Politico’s Daniel Lippman reported that Bongino was “spotted” being “forcibly removed” by employees at Cucina Palm Beach late Friday night. The Playbook item even included a link to a picture of the incident.

When asked for comment on the Playbook item, Bongino told Lippman in a text that the outlet’s “take” on the incident was “absolutely fascinating” and asked if Politico supports “physical violence against women.”

Bongino suggested that Lippman should “tune in” to his Monday podcast where he promised to tell the “real story” of what happened at Cucina Palm Beach.

During his Monday podcast, Bongino said he was at the restaurant for a female friend’s birthday when he saw a man “dragging” his wife out of the restaurant in a “bear hug.” Bongino said he shouted at the man and then later left the restaurant.

Bongino blasted Daniel Lippman for publishing the item in Playbook even after Bongino told him to tune into his Monday podcast for the real story.

He then attacked Daniel Lippman, calling him a “tool” and a “goofball.”

The podcaster especially took umbrage at Lippman’s use of the phrase “forcibly removed,” saying that wasn’t what happened.

Bongino insisted that he didn’t get “thrown out” of the restaurant and said he hopes that a video turns up that backs up his account of the night, predicting that if any video does emerge, there would be “a lot of deleted tweets.”

Watch the clip from The Dan Bongino Show HERE.