California Introduces Bill to Prevent Teachers From Giving Excess Homework

Under a measure presented by a Democrat California state senator, instructors would be prohibited from giving kids an excessive quantity of homework.

The Healthy Homework Act (AB 2999), presented by Pilar Schiavo, a member of the California State Assembly, would have a major influence on pupils.

Under the act, authorities from educational agencies, local school boards, and school administrations are required to evaluate studies on the effects of homework on pupils’ mental and physical health at least every five years when developing, adopting, and updating homework rules. The appropriate amount of time for homework, learning challenges, and access to technology for learning must also be taken into account.

Students will feel the effects of this measure, according to Schiavo, since homework is a major source of stress and burnout. Harris Cooper, Duke University’s Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, argues that home study can only help children up to a certain point. As a general rule, Cooper thinks that each grade level’s homework should not exceed ten minutes.

The introduction of Schiavo’s bill follows a poll of more than 300,000 pupils, which indicated that homework was the primary cause of stress for 45% of the sample. According to Schiavo, the detrimental effects of schoolwork on children’s mental health could be remedied in a single day.

Sofia Johnson, Schiavo’s sixth-grade daughter, told a media source that her schoolwork is tedious and daunting. She described it as disheartening because she spent her whole day on schoolwork.

The ALEC Report Card on American Education ranks California at number 25 for public schools and generously gives the Golden State a grade of C.

According to a report, California’s public schools consistently do worse than those in other western states.

The University of California (UC) system is second to none, but California’s K-12 public education system is well behind the rest of the nation.