OJ Simpson’s Bank of America Credit Card Auctioned Off For Over 10K

It has not even been a full month since the death of infamous celebrity OJ Simpson and already personal items once belonging to the former NFL running back and accused murderer are now being auctioned off as memorabilia for enormous prices. This past Thursday, TMZ reported that a business account credit card from Bank of America that belonged to Simpson was sold at auction for over $10,000.

The credit card that has Simpson’s full name engraved into it, expired sometime last year. The card was then sold on eBay last year for a mere $70. The man who bought the card then was Jonathan Lepore, who claimed he had bought the card as a memorabilia gift for his father, who he revealed personally knew OJ Simpson at one time. After Simpson had passed away, Lepore sought to see how much collectors would pay for the personal piece of property, which in all, is just a very common item most people carry around with them every day.

On Thursday, the Bank of America card that once belonged to Simpson sold online at Goldin Auctions for $10,675, quadrupling Lepore’s profits to a height even he did not think was possible. Goldin Auctions is an online auction marketplace for sports and pop culture collectors’ memorabilia of all kinds. 63 bidders betted the final price up to the $10,000 mark, according to the auction house.

Lepore noted that he does not plan on keeping all of the money profited, and claims he plans on donating ten percent of the funds to the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Lepore’s plans of donating to the charity are wholesome at that, given the notorious murder crime against his wife Nicole and her associate Ron Goldman that Simpson was accused and acquitted of.

OJ Simpson lived a turbulent life, both famously and infamously. Simpson died on April 10th, 2024 from cancer at age 76.