Harry And Meghan Reportedly Asked For Air Force One Trip

A rumor alleges that following Queen Elizabeth II’s burial, the two pushy monarchs, Prince Harry, and Duchess Meghan, sought the Biden White House for a ride back to the United States aboard Air Force One. They were denied.

Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, asked Biden for a lift home from London after attending Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral last year. Claims state that the request was denied for fear of causing a “commotion,” which may relate to the political ramifications resulting from the current U.S. president showing favoritism to the young prince.

The couple’s request to ride on Air Force One seems to be part of a campaign to get close to top U.S. political figures and brand-build, which seems counterintuitive given the infamously woke nature of Meghan and Harry, who might want to share a flight to cut down on the environmental impact of their flights. 

They are adjusting to life as self-exiled Royals who, without the designation of front-line working Royals, have no official status as state servants; thus, the assertion of the abrupt refusal comes at a difficult moment. One of its biggest moneymakers, a multi-million dollar contract to create podcasts for the audio streaming behemoth Spotify, reportedly abruptly ended last month.

A senior Hollywood talent agency reportedly told Meghan, following the Spotify fiasco, that she is “not a great audio talent, or necessarily any kind of talent.” Spotify execs allegedly labeled the couple “fucking grifters.”

Unfortunately, the couple has been forced to face such harsh introspection, as they seem to have wasted a lot of public support in Britain by openly defying the Royal Family.

The constant claim of “wanting their privacy” while simultaneously “attention-whoring,” seems hypocritical and does not endear them to a public that increasingly targets the privileged.