Nike’s New Olympics Uniform Slammed by Athletes For Being Too Revealing

Former and present USA women’s Olympic track and field competitors have been vocal in their disapproval of the team’s Nike clothes. The design has allegedly been criticized for being too exposing and including sexist undertones. Women worldwide, especially athletes from competing teams, are furious.

Nike unveiled the track and field uniforms for the 2024 Summer Olympics at a Paris event. The men’s uniform consisted of a compression tank top and shorts that reached the middle of the leg, while the women’s bodysuits had a high-cut pattern on both legs.

The New York Times brought attention to the fact that the unitards were received with swift condemnation due to the exposed nature of their design and the impression that they required extreme personal hygiene. (Brazil waxing.)

Olympic hurdler Queen Harrison Claye has approached the European Wax Center about sponsoring Team USA for the next Olympic season.

English long jumper Abigail Irozuru took to Instagram to vent her anger at the lack of female players’ input with the team’s uniform.

According to John Hoke, Nike’s chief innovation officer, the two outfits shown on Thursday are only two of many variations that will be available to players.

However, Olympic pole vaulting gold champion Katie Moon took to Twitter to share her thoughts, saying she tried the same style and didn’t feel concerned about any wardrobe malfunctions.

Women’s athletic clothing has been in the spotlight since the Norwegian national women’s beach handball team defied the rules in 2021 by wearing thigh-length shorts instead of bikini bottoms. The European Handball Association fined them $1,700, which went viral throughout the globe and brought attention to the gender gap in sportswear.

During last week’s Olympic qualifications, the German gymnastics team wore unitards that reached the ankles rather than their customary legless leotards. The women’s soccer teams in the World Cup also sent a message about period worry by forgoing the traditional white shorts.