Hawaii Hotel Drops Trump’s Name From Building

A new company with a new name will soon manage the Trump International Hotel Waikiki. On Friday, Irongate’s owner said the hotel would be rebranded as Wkea Waikiki Beach.

According to Trump Hotels, the real estate company agreed to a significant acquisition of the hotel management and license agreements for the property, which led to the rebranding.

The decision was made roughly 14 years after the opening of the Trump-branded hotel in Oahu, Hawaii.

Irongate has announced that the hotel will be managed by LXR Hotels & Resorts. There are 12 different countries where you may stay at a Hilton hotel, as stated in Hilton’s most recent quarterly financial report.

The Trump International Hotel lease in Washington, DC, was taken over by CGI Merchant Group last year. In partnership with Hilton, the company converted the property into a Waldorf Astoria after selling it for an estimated $375 million.

Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization and son of former president Donald Trump, said in a statement that it had been an honor to work with the team at Irongate and thanked Jason Grosfeld for his devotion and professionalism.

Irongate CEO Jason Grosfeld was pleased with their work with Trump Hotels and optimistic about the future of their Waikiki location.

LXR will begin operating Wākea Waikiki Beach in February of next year, according to Irongate. According to Hilton’s SVP of luxury and mixed-use development, adding the hotel to its Hawaiian luxury portfolio would help the company better serve the demands of its customers in Hawaii.

In addition to a new brand and management team, Irongate has promised extensive renovations for the hotel’s 462 guest rooms. Early 2025 is when things will begin to happen.

According to the real estate company, changes will be made to shared spaces such as lobbies, swimming pools, interiors, and restaurants.

In addition, Irongate stated that the current Waikiki hotel staff will be integrated into the LXR organization.

Visitors continue to flock to Hawaii. The Hawaii Tourism Authority found that 9.2 million visitors came to the state by air or sea in 2016. The total amount spent by these tourists was $19.8 billion.