Mall To Require ID For Unaccompanied Minors After Brawl

After a massive fight broke out at a California shopping mall for discounted movie tickets, unaccompanied adolescents must wear identity badges to enter.

Multiple fights broke out on Sunday at the Moreno Valley Mall in Southern California on National Cinema Day when the local movie theater was selling $4 movie tickets.

Police had to close the mall because of the fighting that broke out as hundreds of people rushed in to take advantage of the sale.

A statement from the mall said they would like to remind people that mall security is not a babysitting service and that it is the duty of parents to teach their children to behave appropriately in public.

Given today’s developments, it stated that they’d need to rethink how they handle unsupervised minors on their premises.

According to the Press-Enterprise, the mall’s new policy requires unsupervised children after 5 p.m. to wear lanyards with their names and parents’ contact information.

It is yet unknown When the new regulation will take effect and how it will be enforced.

Another violent battle involving a group of youths broke out the same day as the brawls in Moreno Valley, this time in Torrance, just south of Los Angeles.

The shocking video shows a gang of youths pursuing and beating a child to the ground before an adult intervenes to rescue him.

On the other side of the country, thirteen teenagers were detained at a Boston shopping complex after two brawls involving as many as 400 people broke out near the area’s AMC cinemas.

Boston Police Commissioner Michael Cox has placed full responsibility for the event on the unaccompanied adolescents who flocked to the theater to purchase $4 tickets.

For the city, “I can’t think of anything positive that occurs when you have that many young individuals that age with no supervision or direction whatsoever,” Cox said.