Man Arrested After Faking He Was a Victim Of a Hate Crime

A “cold” cultural conflict has been slowly developing in the United States. The conflict has escalated in recent years, most notably following the 2016 election. After Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton, progressive Democrats and activists affiliated with the party and their cause have mobilized at increased levels. One contested area in this conflict has been the public education system and the promotion of American history. Progressives have infiltrated this system and institutions of higher education in large numbers and have sought to revise and twist the story of the founding of the United States. By promoting the ideals of the nation and the members of the founding generation as oppressive and flawed individuals, these activists hope to destroy the link between modern Americans and their founding culture and deny them an understanding of the exceptionalism of the founding principles of the country.

Initially, leftists targeted figures related to the cause of the Confederate states of America and the American Civil War, and often garnered widespread support across party lines for the removal of Confederate statues on public grounds. But as the culture wars intensified, these individuals shifted their focus on more mainstream figures like Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt.

In truth, leftists have focused on identity politics, creating a toxic culture which has only worsened racial relations. By placing people into groups by gender, religion, and ethnicity, leftists have greatly contributed to the growing divide in the nation. While progressives continue to claim that racism is systematic and widespread in America, it appears that they have become so desperate for tangible evidence to support these assertions that they have become willing to stage attacks to further their claims. Recently, a Muslim man living in Ohio faked an “anti-palestine” hate crime. Hesham Ayyad claimed he was involved in a “hit and run” and was profiled due to his background, but authorities suspect he has fabricated the claims and arrested him.