Mask Mandates Return For Certain Ontario Residents

In the United States, the contemporary political climate is one of great contention and polarization. Since the 46th President Joe Biden took office in January of 2021, rampant inflation soaring to record levels not seen in decades, massive surges of illegal migrants at the southern border, and a struggling domestic economy overall have been just some examples of the many problems plaguing the administration. Biden, who was elected to be a moderate, has governed extensively as a progressive, reinforcing the narrative that the modern Democratic party has become the far-left, big spending and big government coalition in Washington. One issue of divisiveness in American politics is that of the second amendment and gun control. As school shootings continue to occur at record rates across America, Democrats and politicians on the left have continued to call for legislation restricting the rights of law abiding citizens to purchase or possess firearms.

Second amendment rights are not the only liberties targeted by progressives in America and the western world at large. Truly, while people have short memories, the COVID-19 pandemic was a prime example of the serious power governments wield over their citizens and the increasing willingness of bureaucratic officials to grab as much power as possible while enacting draconian measures and infringing upon the freedoms of a vulnerable and complicit citizenry. All across America, thousands of individuals lost their jobs and/or were forced to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by governments and private and public employers, throwing medical privacy and freedom squarely out the window.

Now, years removed from the pandemic which produced tyrants (predominantly from the left wing of the political spectrum), it appears one region in a western nation is not ready to give up on their hysteria or their tyrannical mandates. In Ontario, Canada, mask mandates have returned for elderly people living in “long term care” facilities. Students, workers, and volunteers now must wear masks once again in these facilities.