Senator Barred From Voting On Impeachment Issue

After much backroom haggling, the Texas Senate finally passed new rules prohibiting the spouses of members subject to impeachment proceedings from participating in the hearing.

New regulations enacted by the Texas Senate on Wednesday night would prevent Angela Paxton, the wife of troubled Attorney General Ken Paxton, from voting in his impeachment trial on September 5.

Angela, the Republican state senator from the Dallas area, had promised to carry out her duties and not abstain from voting in her husband’s forthcoming impeachment trial.

According to the Texas Constitution, this is considered to be a conflict. It is stated in the resolution. To be clear, Senator Paxton can attend the impeachment trial as allowed by the rules, but as per the new rule, she will not be eligible to vote on any matter or participate in closed-door sessions.

A 25-3 majority approved the regulations. The identities of the senators who voted down the proposal were not immediately accessible, and there was no public debate beforehand.

In a Thursday statement, Angela Paxton claimed she voted against the impeachment regulations.

After the Texas Senate released the guidelines for the impeachment trial on Thursday, attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents Ken Paxton, referred to the proceedings as a “sham” in a statement.

The two attorneys assigned to lead the prosecution in the impeachment trial, Rusty Hardin and Dick DeGuerin, released a statement on Thursday saying that the guidelines will allow for a fair trial.

While the vote did not get unanimous support, Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who presided over the Senate then, insisted that the GOP-controlled body was “united” in other respects.

The Texas House of Representatives impeached Ken Paxton last month for several acts of suspected misbehavior, including using his official position to further the interests of a wealthy contributor. These claims are false, he says. If Paxton is found not guilty by the Texas Senate, he will be returned to his position as attorney general.

In addition, he is charged with securities fraud in another case. 

Paxton has disputed every complaint made against him.