Tanya Pilbersek Slams Elon Musk For Refusing to Delete Church Stab Video

Australian Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has criticized Elon Musk for ignoring the country’s request that he delete damaging information from his X social media site. Many are upset that Musk isn’t removing accounts linked to the extreme right that spread misinformation before elections, as ordered by a famous Brazilian court.

Because he thinks it may limit freedom of expression, Musk has usually avoided removing anything from the site. Musk recently spoke with Don Lemon to explain his position on X’s content moderation policy, in which he said the term was just a way of saying censorship. The Minister of the Environment brought attention to the fact that the Albanese Labor administration has substantially enhanced the eSafety Commissioner’s budget.

With great pride, the Internet safety regulator announces itself as the pioneering government organization devoted to protecting its people from online dangers. The eSafety website asserts legal authority over cyberbullying, image-based abuse, and unlawful and damaging material. Now, lawmakers from all parties agree that laws to combat the spread of false information online are necessary.

The eSafety Commissioner, Ms. Inman Grant, and Musk have differences. The internet safety watchdog reportedly tried to get a Canadian to delete a post on an Australian UN trans expert that was considered “offensive” last month. Canuck Chris Elston, better known as ‘Billboard Chris’ on X, recently shared a story about transgender activist Teddy Cook. Cook hails from Australia and has been appointed to a distinguished position on a WHO expert panel; her story is inspiring.

The eSafety Commissioner issued a removal order, but Elston still wouldn’t take down the message. After X banned the post in Australia under the removal order, Mr. Elston distributed it again. The article went viral, which is a massive loss for the eSafety Commissioner.

After reading the piece, Elon Musk voiced his worry about the world’s current situation. X, rebranded from Twitter after Musk’s 2022 acquisition, has declared its intention to sue the Australian government over the removal order, citing a desire to protect users’ First Amendment rights. 

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has addressed the government’s continuing dispute with Elon Musk. This comes after many of his top ministers criticized the billionaire for refusing to comply with demands that he remove the footage of the X stabbing at the Wakeley church.